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"Esperanza mas allá de los muros"





Dr . Ursula Hauser Foundation was created in times of change , hoping to form a support network in the world, to fight against selfishness , privatization and violence. The Foundation aims to support work in the field of Critical - Social Psychoanalysis , Psychodrama and ethnopsychoanalysis in Central America, the Caribbean and the South-South Network , as well as in other regions of the world suffering the effects of war and poverty , particularly the Middle East. The Foundation continues the work of Dr . Ursula Hauser , which was developed from 1980-2012 , with support from institutions, universities , NGOs and friends. The activities of the Foundation are directed to counseling for individuals and groups in populations traumatizations suffered because of social violence . It also supports all efforts to achieve social justice and human rights for youth, women and ethnic minorities in the above regions.




Our Way of Working
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