Our Vision and Mission

The Dr. Ursula Hauser Foundation formed in times of changes with the hope of creating a solidary network in the world, fighting against egoism, privatization and violence. The objective of the foundation is to help the rural people, using Social-critical Psychoanalysis, Psychodrama, and Ethno Psychoanalysis, through out Central America, the Caribbean, and RED SUR-SUR as well as other regions like the Middle East, who have suffered from the effects of war and poverty.The Foundation has been established in 1980, by Dr. Ursula Hauser, and has continued to thrive until today, thanks to the donations of Universities, Institutions, NPOs and many friendships. The activities of the foundation are based on the psychological help for individuals and groups from critical regions who suffer traumas from social violence. It is also a movement for social justice and human rights for young people, as well as women and minority groups.

The philosophy of the foundation is the belief in a possibility for a better world, a solidary world with collective objectives and socially humble compromises. In a world where change is urgently necessary to put forth consciousness, we invite you to cross boarders beyond imagination and realize the ongoing projects for wholesome living.          Stiftungszweck

Our Objectives

  • Using psychodrama, the spontaneous theatre, and sociometry, as support, in rural areas where social and cultural realities affect the people’s well-being.

  • To teach, to promote and use the methods of psychodrama, socio drama and the spontaneous theatre for group intervention.

  • To contribute to a collective mental health.

  • To realize and participate with other institutions and associations, refining the theoretical and practical investigations of topics concerning psychodrama, sociometry and spontaneous theatre.

  • To be involved in and support the RED PSYCHODRAMA SUR-SUR; an international organization of civil characters and professional activists from the psychodrama, in Latin America, the Caribbean, European, Palestinian, and many more regions. Forming an interchange from investigations in Psychodrama, contributing to political, social and cultural necessities for a transformation in social justice and respecting the autonomy of villages.

  • Proyectos para el 2013  /  Projects for 2013  /  Projekte Furs 2013 

​Legal Registration of the Foundation Diciembre 2012